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Homeopathy in South Africa

Homeopathy has become a popular system of complementary medicine in South Africa as the number of practicing homeopaths have increased in the past decade. The field of homeopathic medicine has seen significant growth due to the increase in the number of homeopathy graduates from two leading universities within South Africa. Unlike other complementary therapies, homeopathy has enjoyed the benefits of mainstream medical aid recognition which has contributed significantly to its popularity.

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Medical Aids in South Africa

A medical aid is a form of health insurance where the scheme covers the costs of your medical needs. Should you require medical attention, you can visit a doctor or a hospital and your medical aid will pay for most, if not all of your medical expenses. In South Africa, your medical aid will often pay your doctor or the hospital directly for your medical expenses provided that your practitioner is contracted into medical aids.

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Complementary Medicine in South Africa

Complementary medicine in South Africa encompasses a wide range of therapies ranging from traditional practices that have only recently been regulated to widely accepted alternative therapies that are recognised by medical aids within the country. It is estimated that up to 70% of the South African population will consult with a complementary health practitioner before seeking conventional medical help and traditional African medicine is by far the most popular alternative therapy in South Africa.

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