Quick Weight Loss Methods Are Dangerous

Losing weight is no easy task. It takes months, if not years, of sensible eating and daily physical activity. Some weight loss products may help with moderately increasing your metabolism, giving you more energy to workout for longer or assist your body in passing out water. Overall the effectiveness of these products are limited and should only be used as an adjunct to a medical weight loss program.

Obesity is a global problem leading to a host of complications that kill millions every year. Instead of tackling the problem head on and adopting a proper weight management program, many opt for quick weight loss methods instead. These fast ‘fat burning’ techniques are actually more detrimental to your body and can increase your body weight in the long run. This ‘yo-yo’ effect is not a solution for your weight management needs and while you may think that it is harmless, it can lead to dehydration, kidney disorders and even affect the function of your heart.

Two common quick weight loss methods include the starvation diet and the use of ‘water tablet’s to lose centimetres within a few days.

A starvation diet is the most common quick weight loss method. This is usually adopted as an fast way to shed a few pounds before a big occasion. Whether you want to fit into your new outfit that is a couple of sizes too small or to lose your belly flab for that special day, starvation diets are counterproductive to any weight loss program. Typically a person adopting a starvation diet either stops eating solid foods or switches to a small diet of fruits coupled with many litres of water containing a bit of lemon juice. This lack of nutrition may allow you to lose a few centimetres around your waist but once you get off it, your body will begin storing food as fat in preparation for the next period of starvation.

Another quick weight loss method is to use a diuretic – a drug that increases your water loss through urine. These drugs are used for high blood pressure and when used for losing weight fast, it will¬† lead to dehydration. It can also lower your blood pressure, affect your heart rate and lead to dizzy spells and fainting. Long term use of a diuretic will affect your kidneys and lead to serious complications that cannot be reversed. Diuretics are scheduled drugs and you can only buy it from a pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor. However illegal diuretics are available through unscrupulous ‘weight management consultants’.

A new diet fad is the lemon detox diet which combines the principles of both the starvation diet and ‘natural’ diuretics for a quick weight loss program where results are evident within 10 to 14 days.

Excessive physical activity while you adopt one of the quick weight loss methods above increases the risks of complications. Your body needs as much of the resources it can muster during exercise. While on a starvation diet, you lack the necessary carbs to cater for the increased energy needs during physical activity. With a diuretic pill, the reduced content of fluid in your body will lead to dehydration while you exercise. Physical activity can also impact on you heart that is already under strain from the diuretic tablet.

If you are searching for ways to lose weight fast, stop and reassess your approach. You may risk your health or even your life for a fast solution to beat the bulge. Instead adopt a healthy eating plan to lose weight, start with some moderate exercise and set yourself realistic goals. This is the only guaranteed way to lose weight and weight loss products and quick fix solutions will ultimately lead to disappointment.