Adult Diapers – Using a Disposable or Cloth Nappy

Adult diapers have been widely used in hospitals and other health institutions for many years but has recently grown in popularity in the open market as the demand has increased for incontinence products. Adult diapers are not only for bedridden patients. Many HIV/AIDS patients as well as those suffering with other diseases may use adult diapers as sanitary underwear in order to continue with their daily duties while contending with persistent diarrhoea.

Cloth Diapers

Using cloth diapers should be avoided, especially in patients with a low immune system. Cloth diapers tend to be changed less frequently and even with thorough washing, there may still be remaining germs – like bacteria and fungi. This increases the chances of new infections in a person who is already unwell and may contribute to bacterial and fungal infections of the skin, dermatitis and infections of other organs in the area.

Disposable Diapers

Disposable adult diapers are usually a better option for avoiding infections and other complications that may arise from using a cloth nappy. However the price factor often limits the accessibility of adult diapers although cheaper diapers are now entering the market. Adult diapers are available as pull-up diapers with an elastic waist band or as strap-on diapers with adhesive waist bands. These diapers are also available in many sizes – small, medium, large and extra large.

Using a Diaper

Change your diaper frequently whether you use an adult or cloth nappy. A diaper should be removed immediately once it is messed. A disposable diaper should be discarded appropriately and a cloth diaper should be immersed in boiling water or a solution containing a strong disinfectant. The area should be cleaned thoroughly with a disinfectant that is suitable for use on the skin. A new, clean diaper must be  put on immediately.

In patients who are bedridden, this process may be quite difficult for the caregiver, especially if the patient has very limited mobility. Always place a disposable plastic lining between the patient and the bed linen before removing the patient’s diaper. Without doing so, some of the excrement may soil the be linen and this will increase the chances of infections.

Cheap Adult Diapers

In an effort to save costs, many patients now opt for cheap adult diapers through private sellers. While these products serve the same function, the use of cheaper materials in manufacturing these diapers can often be problematic for the patient. Cheap diapers may cause skin irritation, increasing the chances of nappy rash and skin infections. For patients with bed sores (pressure sores), the irritation from using these diapers can often complicate the skin condition further.  Most reputable stores carrying adult diapers ensure that the product is made from quality materials and is hypo-allergenic (less likely to cause an allergy or allergic skin rash).