Best Medical Aid in South Africa

Searching for the best or cheapest medical aid available in South Africa, you will undoubtedly discover that most medical schemes have plans that are pretty much the same in price and benefits. No single scheme really stands out as the best medical aid in South Africa and each have pros and cons which you should take into consideration before signing up.

One one end of the spectrum, there are keen medical aid members or prospective members searching for a cheap medical aid. One the other end, there are those who are not confined to a tight budget and are willing to take the best medical aid in the industry irrespective of the cost.

You will have to decide on what is right for you. in terms of your health needs and your budget. Constantly changing your medical aid or searching for the best or cheapest option will work against you especially in terms of possible medical aid exclusions.

When buying medical aid cover, expensive is better. If you can afford an expensive medical aid plan then you can be assured of comprehensive medical cover. These plans are not unique to any specific medical aid company. You should speak to your current medical aid and ask them about their best medical aid plan. Some medical aids do offer extra perks like gym contracts, cheap domestic flights and affordable holiday accommodation. This does not make a medical aid the best in the industry in terms of the health cover.

If you are considering changing your medical aid, the do your homework and compare medical aids that are available in South Africa. Remember that if you are on a tight budget then you should be realistic about what medical aid plan you can afford in the long term. For those with a more flexible budget, speak to your current provider about the best medical aid plan available in their range.

Some of the benefits that you would be looking for in the top of the range medical cover is :

  • Hospital rates covered up to 300% of the NHRPL (National Health Reference Price List).
  • Comprehensive cover for out-of-hospital chemotherapy and radiation therapy (cancer treatment).
  • Cover for orthotic and prosthetic devices, implants and related surgery.
  • Extensive cover for optometry and opthamology (eye care), dental and orthodontics (like braces and dentures).

Medical aid rates and prices may vary but all medical aids in South Africa offer a range of plans which are similar in price and benefits. Don’t let unscrupulous brokers or misinformed friends and family influence you on your decision. At the end of the day, your medical aid has to service your needs and your choice of cover may affect the quality of health care that you can access.