Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program (Diet) in South Africa

The Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program is a weight management program developed by an Australian pharmacist. It  uses a combination of meal replacements, nutritional supplements and a healthy eating plan to assist with weight loss. Despite reports of the the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program being the next weight loss miracle, it is essentially a low calorie, low GI (glycaemic index), high protein diet with the usual mix of vitamins and supplements.

With the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program, you will replace two meals a day with the shake or soup products and have a high protein meal for supper. Fiber supplements will assist with reducing transit time of food in the bowels, reduce fat absorption and ease bloating and constipation. Fiber also plays a part in lowering the glycaemic index of foods.

Chromium supplements help regulate the blood glucose levels, preventing spikes or sudden dips. Multivitamin tablets ensure that any vitamin or mineral deficiency is catered for and when combined with a balanced eating plan, proper nutrition is ensured. Apart from a handy cookbook and online recipes, there are the few extras like the Tony Ferguson diet jelly and snack bars which provide your with convenience foods when you need to munch on something.

While the South African market has seen many weight loss fads come and go, the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program does not offer anything new. However it appears to  be quite a well developed and holistic weight management program that is scientifically grounded and will likely be effective. This depends on the end user and if you follow the plan, exercise regularly and do not suffer with other medical conditions like hypothyroidism, then you should lose those few extra pounds on the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Program. Use our online BMI calculator to check if you are overweight or obese.

The program should not be viewed as the next miracle product from the weight loss industry but rather as a well developed, scientifically based program with convenient products to provide a complete dietary solution for weight management.

This is a review of the Tony Ferguson WeightLoss Program and is not an endorsement by the Vitacare Health website. We are not in any way affiliated with this program, its products or exclusive distributors in South Africa.